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The process of Leather goods production is elaborate and detailed that requires precision and absolute involvement at every stage. At Rene we involve the best available resources to create leather goods that are outstanding in every possible respect. Apart from an able team of professionals who are equipped with skills and expertise to carry out the various stages of production, we also engage high end and sophisticated machinery to facilitate the process.

Most of the machines are imported and specially devised to carry out definite chores. When all the material after having undergone lab testing comes in and for production, they are Graded and Selected accordingly to suit specific product requirement. This is a detailed exercise that is carried out with great care and is followed by the Cutting process.

The machines come majorly into play in the Cutting stage where various kinds of equipment are used like the Clicking Machine or the Hydraulic Machine, the Dye less Cutting Machine and the Laser Cutting Machine.

Machines have a huge part to play at every step of leather goods production so even in the Skiving stage where the edges of the leather are given a uniform look and feel, the Skiving machine perform the pivotal role in conducting this act.

The Splitting machine helps reduce the thickness of the leather according to the demands of a particular product and is again a huge asset in the leather goods industry.

The use of the modern and efficient Adler machine helps in the Preparation and Assembling stage while many other such advanced machines are also used in the Packaging stage.

The Infrastructure is a very important aspect in Leather goods production and a lot depends upon the machinery and equipment used. Even the working environ provided for the staff members is equally vital.

At Rene we take every possible measure to ensure that our Team members are provided with the latest and most advanced machines to facilitate their work; besides giving them a working atmosphere that is comfortable and convenient.

It is only by the conjoined efforts of man and machine that we can achieve out set goals and create a niche for ourselves in the industry by consistently churning out exclusive goods that are cherished.