The array of clothes at Rene, whether for Women or for Men have an innately ethnic appeal that is thoroughly charming and totally winning. There goes a huge amount of hard work and integrity by the Garments Production team at Rene in bringing to you a new collection to celebrate every festive feel, whether Durga Puja, Diwali, Poila Boishak or Christmas. Innovation and novelty are always perfectly in sync with the essence of the brand which reflects beautifully in every outfit. Needless to say the creative team at Rene is constantly churning out fresh ideas to bring to you something new every fortnight.

A team of immensely creative and talented designers who are brimming with ideas are an integral part of the Garments division and are the ones who Develop Designs that are transformed into some stunning outfits that you love. Once the designs are ready the Fabric is Sourcedwhere quality is the key. No matter which part of India the fabrics come from,they have to stand the test of color and longevity before moving on to the next step.

After the Fabric is Developed and the decision on the choice of fabric has been made, the very vital stage of Sampling begins. The samples have to meet every yardstick set at Rene; whether color, design, stitching or dying. All detailing like embroidery is carefully scrutinized to ensure that the sample is technically foolproof. The sample is then sent for Production. The Quality Control and Checking comes into play here where every minute detail is looked into; so all the extra thread is removed, the size is checked, the garment is ironed and finally packed to be sent to the respective Rene Showrooms.

The choice of fabric at Rene is a very crucial decision where they have to fulfill several quality standards. While on one hand the basic fabric is tested right at the start of production, the finished clothes are again checked to ensure the size, stitching and other technical details. Rene outfits are also desirable for their choice of embroidery where the motifs and designs are carefully developed by the designing team and the embroidery is done both by hand as well as machine.

The Garments Production process is elaborate and engrossing where every team member involved plays an essential role. The team is led by the Production Manager who is supported by the Assistant Production Manager. The Designers, the Production In-charge, the Quality Check In-charge and the Packaging In-charge perform key functions and are responsible in bringing the exquisite range of Rene outfits that are so coveted.

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