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Sleek, stylish, appealing and sophisticated, the array of finished leather products at Rene is definitely impressive and undoubtedly tempting. There is an immense amount of planning and hard work that goes behind shaping and creating even the tiniest of these amazing leather pieces and Rene’s eye for detail brings to you nothing less than the very best.

The processes, machinery and man force involved in leather goods production at Rene is tremendous and the steps right from conceptualizing a particular product to displaying it at the Rene showrooms is both interesting and involving. Each member who is part of the Leather Production team is armed with expertise and knowhow that is amalgamated to create beautiful and good quality leather goods.

The first step in the production process is to understand the pulse and demand of the people so a team of Market Analysts carry out extensive research and sum up what will appeal to existing and prospective customers. Next comes the Designers who are either fresher’s brimming with ideas or those with years of experience behind them, who know exactly what to deliver. The Merchandisers and Product Developers further enhance the procedure while the Technicians cater to the detailing. The staff members in the Leather Team of Rene are provided extensive training programs and workshops from time to time, which help them upgrade their existing skills and proficiency.

The process of Leather Goods Production begins with the Development stage where after conducting a detailed market research with the help of cues from the Forecasting made by the Leather Councils, we decide the products that need to be manufactured. The designs are then developed through CAD followed by the Patterns that are prepared digitally with the use of Lectra and Optitex softwares.

Raw materials are then procured to suit specific needs after which the team gets to work on manufacturing the samples and conducting wear trials. An important thing to remember in the Pre-Production stage is to release the purchase orders for raw material with the specifications for each item. A very vital lookout is to evaluate and ascertain the quality of the raw material at every stage of production right from receiving raw material, their storage, manufacturing and packing to the final dispatching.

Once the samples are ready, detailed Quality Checks of the samples are carried out where every aspect is verified numerous times, right from color, design, structure and lining to fitting and reinforcement. After this the process of production begins in full swing.

The Production phase involves meticulous and important stages that begin with cutting of raw material, Sizing the thickness of the cut components using Splitting & Skiving Machines, Conducting Sub Assembly using machines to do operations like Folding, Gluing, Embossing, Stitching and Computerized Pattern Stitching.

One very vital lookout is the Sampling of Leather that decides the quality that should go into making a particular product. At Rene we use all kinds of leather, for example heavy grained, light, glossy, soft and plain leather. We extensively use good quality and imported materials in our product range. Even the canvas used in our Canvas Collection happens to be specially customized for Rene; besides being water proof and handmade.

The Reinforcements that are part of our Leather goods are also durable and long lasting. The Fittings used at Rene are rust free and durable Brass Nickel, Brass Antique and Nickel Finish ones that not only look great but are also sturdy and stand the test of time. Also, the Lining used for Rene products are high polyester ones and customized to meet our yardsticks of quality.

In the Re-vitalizing stage the products are given a final touch up by polishing them on buffing machines by using various chemicals to remove finger impressions and dullness that arise out of humidity. This is followed by the process of dressing the finished products with tags, labels and other marks that are necessary for retailing. The packaging is next developed after which the catalogues for Retail and Corporate sale are prepared. Finally the Packing stage ensures that the cartons are well protected and sturdy in order to endure wear and tear during transit.

Each of the stages involved in Leather Goods Production has to be conducted with utmost care and vigilance. Apart from the machinery and infrastructure, the team plays a pivotal role here with every member contributing with a specific skill in order to showcase an impressive array of attractive and good quality leather goods at all Rene showrooms.

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