Corporate Profile

Corporate Marketing is another integral part of Rene; an initiative that has tasted success for more than three years now. Corporate houses often wish to have customized gifts to augment specific occasions and having a give-away that looks sophisticated, meets quality standards and is in sync with the Company’s color, name and logo is always desirable. The perfect choice is a Rene leather ware that has good looks and good quality rolled into one.

After a meeting with the client and discussing the requirement, the team at Rene starts planning something exclusive that also carries a distinct bearing of the Company. A fine array of selective leather items are carefully designed to suit specific needs of various Corporate houses, the samples are presented and eventually finalized.

All the aspects are discussed in detail like color, design, quantity and packaging. Rene spends a lot of time, involvement and resources in the Samples for Corporate houses and offers numerous options to ensure that the one selected is something really impressive.

While for some organizations the gifts are meant for internal use for others they are treated as give-away for important people in the business; the very reason why they have to meet high standards of quality and looks. In most cases the products are specially customized for the client and kept in sync with the Company’s color and logo. In many instances even the packaging is customized in accordance. The Corporate Marketing wing of Rene is Pan India based and has spread wings to most corners of the country including the metropolitan cities. Catering to an absolutely niche clientele, Rene has made an indelible impression in the field of Corporate Marketing.

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