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Rene’s range of garments is something to reckon with and with every passing year more improvisation and innovation is implemented to bring to our clientele something that is uniquely beautiful.

Whether it is our distinct choice of fabric, the unparallel detailing, the fine embroidery or the charming silhouette; every garment at Rene has something exceptional to offer. The two quintessential elements that play the pivotal role in bringing to you the classic Rene collection is the conjoined efforts of men and machine. A team of dedicated and talented individuals coupled with machinery to match is what works wonders at the Garments division at Rene.

Sophisticated and modern machines are involved at every stage of production. These are usually high speed imported machinery that guarantee efficiency and perfection. Whether it is for stitching, embroidery or any other specific task, these machines perform them with ease and precision.

However, for many other roles especially embroidery a team of skilled individuals are vested with the responsibility of delivering a defined ethnic flavor in fabric; true to the essence and spirit of Rene. Comfortable working conditions and convenient hours are provided to our team members and a lot of underprivileged women are given an opportunity to earn their livelihood by being a part of the Rene family.